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        Why alloy 1235 aluminum foil is widely used

        Date: 2020-01-09 10:15

        There are many kinds of adhesive tapes in life. Aluminum foil tapes that can stick composite materials. The commonly used materials for aluminum foil tape are 1235 alloy and 8011 alloy, among which alloy 1235 aluminum foil is relatively widely used, with specifications (0.05mm-0.08mm) * various widths * lengths. Aluminum foil tape is the main raw and auxiliary material for refrigerator and freezer production plants.

        alloy 1235 aluminum foil

        The reasons for the wide application of alloy 1235 aluminum foil are as follows:

        repair effect of alloy 1235 aluminum foil

        1235 aluminum foil tape can be used with all composite materials for seam bonding, sealing of puncture areas of thermal insulation nails and repair of damaged areas.

        Packaging application of aluminum foil tape

        The ink of aluminum foil tape is the only non-toxic ink approved by the American Food and Drug Association in all printing methods. Therefore, aluminum foil tape is also called green tape, which is widely used in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging.

        Printing performance of 1235 tape foil

        Although the ink layer of 1235 tape foil is thinner than gravure, it is definitely thicker than offset printing. This is very beneficial for large-area color patches common to printing and packaging products. Due to the use of anilox rollers to transfer ink, in general, if the condition of the paper is unchanged, the ink condition is The same, the ink color can be kept the same whether it is the same batch of products or different batches of products. This is the most basic requirement for packaging printing, and it is not easy to achieve by other offset printing methods

        1235 tape aluminum foil is favored by more and more aluminum foil manufacturers. Among them, the aluminum substrate for tape foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has stable production capacity on the basis of ensuring quality. The product meets standards and meets the requirements of customers. Aluminum substrate for adhesive tape, broad market prospects.

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        Address: Gongyi City,Henan Province,China
        Tel: 86 (0)371-86541576
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