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        1235-O food packaging aluminum foil prices and manufacturers

        Date: 2020-03-10 09:02

        1235-O food packaging aluminum foil is one of the specifications of various aluminum foil products. Its thickness is 0.018-0.2mm. This product has good anti-rust properties, formability and solubility, and is therefore widely used in food packaging and batteries. , Cables, and other fields, between different needs, their prices will be different, then the question is what is the price of  food packaging 1235 aluminum alloy foil? A detailed analysis is as follows:

        How much to buy 1235-O food packaging aluminum foil

        How much does it cost to buy 1235-O food packaging aluminum foil? Although the model and status are known, the user's requirements for thickness and width must be understood. The width and thickness requirements of different prices will also have an impact; in addition, it must be combined with the choice. Manufacturers, different manufacturers, whether it is technical level, processing technology or management in the production process will be very different, its cost will be very different, so the product's quotation will be affected by it; the last is to combine market conditions. So what is the specific quote for 1235-O food packaging aluminum foil? It is recommended that users also consult the specific aluminum foil manufacturer in detail.

        1235-O aluminum foil

        High-quality low-priced 1235-O food packaging aluminum foil manufacturers push prices

        As a professional large-scale aluminum manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has not only relied on excellent quality for many years, but also has strong optional product specifications and reliable performance. In addition, it can be customized on demand. Mingtai Aluminum is a listed company. Powerful, factory direct sales, convenient location, developed transportation, the price of its products is more economical than other manufacturers, if you need, please feel free to consult online at any time, you can also call Mingtai Aluminum for a preferential quote.

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        Address:Changchun Road No.6 Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China
        Tel: 86 (0)371-86541576
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        E-mail: guojianbin@mingtai-al.com

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